Treatments - Bare Roots Reflexology
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My set up

As a mobile therapist, I have all the equipment needed to ensure you have a safe and relaxing treatment in the comfort of your own home or convenience of the office, including a reclining chair designed to help you settle back and elevate your feet. 


I am based in Hertford in Hertfordshire and treatments include travel to locally surrounding areas.


Please note that for clients further afield, there may be an extra charge.

Contact me to discuss further.

Treatments available


Each treatment will be discussed in a consultation and tailored to your needs.

Reflexology holistic complementary therapy Hertford Hertfordshire



Initial Consultation

Up to 90 minutes, including a 1 hour treatment – £45


1 hour treatment – £40


*Children approximately 30 minutes – £20



Initial Consultation

Up to 40 minutes, including a 30 minute treatment – £30


30 minute treatment – £25


*Children approximately 15 minutes – £10

*Treatments are available for children and teenagers and in some instances the length of the session may vary but in general will be shorter than an adults session. Please get in touch for more details.
*For those who are under 18 years of age, I will require written consent from a carer/guardian/parent who will also need to be present at the treatment.

What happens during a treatment?

As a holistic treatment, your whole being will be taken into account, such as lifestyle, physical and emotional factors. During the first treatment the consultation form will enable me to gain as much information about you as possible so that I can tailor your treatment/s to best suit you. As everyone is unique. 

During a treatment I will apply gentle pressure with fingers and thumbs in order to feel the various reflexes and will work on any imbalances I feel in the feet or hands, adjusting the session around you and your needs.

How will I feel afterwards?

On the whole you may feel calm and relaxed at the end of the treatment and after effects can vary from person to person.


Some other common after effects can include;


need to go to the toilet

thirsty/dry mouth

slightly dizzy or light headed


(These are usually mild and short-lived)


Will it hurt?


Pressure applied will be monitored closely throughout you treatment/s and if some reflexes feel a little tender, adjusted if necessary.

What if I have ticklish feet?


So far, those who have declared ticklish feet have  been pleasantly surprised as the touch is more precise than a feathery tickle! But by all means consider hand reflexology if you still aren’t keen.

Do I need to have it often?


There are no rules to this and totally depends on you. However, if your treatments are focussing on a recurring or longterm condition then regular treatments could be more beneficial.

Sustainable and Environmentally friendly

Reflexology holistic complementary therapy Hertford Hertfordshire

It’s important to be mindful of our planet when and wherever possible, which is why I aim to use only sustainable and natural products during my treatments. This will also ensure that any products I use are kind to my clients’ skin.


* Please inform me of any known allergies during the consultation.



Did you know?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body!

Other Information

Payment – I accept cash or BACCS 


Cancellation – Need to cancel? Not a problem, just please let me know at least 24 hours prior to your booking.

Unfortunately I will have to request full payment if cancellation is less than 24 hours before your treatment is due.


Consent – Reflexology is available to all ages, however if you would like a treatment and are under 18 years of age, I will require written consent from a carer/guardian/parent who will also need to be present at the treatment.


Please note – I am not currently taking bookings for home visits with men unless on referral.