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Mobile Reflexologist

Hertford, Ware and surrounding areas

Why have reflexology?

Reflexology can be effective alongside modern medicine or on its own and can offer many benefits short and long term. It can help;



Increase your energy

Improve circulation

Alleviate symptoms of PMS and the menopause


Improve your sleep

Strengthen your immune system

Lift your mood

Helpful in combatting recurring and longterm conditions


Ensure you have time set aside for you. Full body relaxation; something perhaps we could all do with.

Relieve stress/anxiety

The longterm impact of stress can be physically and emotionally detrimental: how we learn to deal with this, is key. Be kind to yourself, release and recharge.

Increase your energy

When the body’s systems are in balance, overall vitality and functioning can improve.

Improve circulation

The pressured technique applied during the treatment, can enhance blood circulation to vital organs. This will nourish body tissues and organs as blood delivers nutrients and oxygen.

Alleviate symptoms of PMS and the menopause

Regular treatments have proven to be extremely helpful in lessening these sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Calm your mind

It's too easy these days to feel overloaded and overwhelmed and reflexology can provide a quick and effective way to achieve this calm state of being.

Improve your sleep

A widespread and common problem, whether it’s a temporary issue or long term insomnia, reflexology can encourage your body clock to get back on track.

Strengthen your immune system

No time more than now has this been more important.

Lift your mood

A dose of reflexology could be just the regular pick me up you need to achieve that, ‘lighter feeling’.

Recurring and longterm conditions

Reflexology can also be helpful in combatting recurring and longterm conditions. Please get in contact to discuss further.

About me


As someone who’s always been interested in taking a holistic and natural approach to my own health and well being, I believe this wonderful complementary therapy, whilst not being a replacement for modern medicine, can be an extremely effective way to encourage the body’s systems to work in harmony. 

As a qualified Clinical Reflexologist, this enables me to offer treatments which I genuinely believe can make a positive difference to each client, helping to promote a natural state of balance throughout mind, body and soul.

I’m proud to be a member of the Professional Reflexology Association and I’m am fully insured by Balens.

Taking time for you is the first step

Covid Safety

  • On entering your property, I will be wearing a washable tabard and am happy to wear a mask if requested.


  • Once you are comfortable, I will sanitise my hands and commence the treatment.


  • All equipment will be cleaned thoroughly in between uses and just before your treatment. 


  • These procedures are in place to ensure both my safety as the therapist as well as yours as the client.


*Procedures may change in line with Government regulations.

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