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What is reflexology?

Reflexology holistic complementary therapy Hertford Hertfordshire

Reflexology is a powerful complementary therapy which aims to balance and restore the flow of the body’s natural energies, encouraging the client’s own healing system to work to the best of its abilities.


Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment and practised using pressure with only the fingers or thumbs on points of the feet or hands. These points or reflexes are believed to reflect specific organs, glands and other areas of the body.

 Are you drinking enough water?

Approximately 2 litres a day is a healthy guideline. Why? Well, every cell, organ and tissue in your body requires water to regulate and function at every level!

History Facts

The earliest pictoral evidence of reflexology dates back as far as 2,500bc in Egypt. It was also practised in India, Japan and China and the North American tribes are thought to have know the relation between the reflex points and the internal organs of the body and in turn used this knowledge to treat disease. The scientific basis to Reflexology began in the 19th Century.

Reflexology holistic complementary therapy Hertford Hertfordshire